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Wombaroo High Protein Supplement is used to boost protein content in the diet of fruit & nectar eating animals including Sugar Gliders, Possums & Flying Foxes.


Key Features

Over 50% protein, which is more than twice that of high protein cereal. Protein has an excellent amino acid profile, superior to that of plant pollen Enriched with essential nutrients including omega-3&6 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. A useful food additive for sick or debilitated animals.



Protein (min) 52%

Fat (min) 12%

Carbohydrate (min) 25%

Fibre (max) 5%

Calcium 1.2%

Metabolisable Energy (ME) 17 MJ/kg

1K Box Wombaroo High Protein Supplement

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly 1K Wombaroo
$53.55every month until canceled

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