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Eucalyptus Leaves, Branches &                           Chew Sticks

Eucaluptus Branches Leaves Chew Sticks
Eucalyptus Branches & Leaves
Eucaluptus Branches & Chew Sticks

*All our Eucalyptus leaves, branches and chew sticks are completely natural.  No pesticides or chemicals are used.....EVER on our trees. They are completely safe and wonderful.  

The Aroma of Eucalyptus is WONDERFUL! Eucalyptus smells really great...even when the product ages and dries out. Dried Eucalyptus is great

for potpourri. When burned or boiled, the leaves make your entire home smell better.  

**All Eucalyptus is shipped each Friday from our California Branch of business.  Please allow time for delivery.

We have some awesome reviews on our Facebook group from other clients.  Feel free to check it out or even leave a review yourself!  Just follow the link.



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