Any Eucalyptus order is shipped directly from my distributor. It will not be shipped with other items in your order. 


Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves: Should stay fresh for 2-4 weeks, if kept in the refrigerator…or almost forever, if kept in the freezer. All first-time orders are shipped with care instructions.


Our Eucalyptus trees have two types of leaves. Up to 15-20 feet in height you will find the younger leaves which are wider, more of a silverish gray color and “oval-shaped”. From 20-100+ feet, their leaves (magically) change to long, green, more mature, “banana-shaped” leaves. You may order Oval leaves or Banana leaves.

Some people and some pets prefer one type or the other. Stick insects eat only banana leaves.

For showers, saunas and steam-rooms, order oval leaves as they have stronger aroma.


** Request FREE seeds with your paid order, Leave me a note on your order.

*1/2-pound of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 1-2 

*1 Pound Feeds 2-