***USE THIS COUPON CODE FOR FREE SHIPPING***                                            EUCFREESHIP Eucalyptus branches are one of our best buys as you get magnificent structure for your sugar gliders and birds to play on and with. The bark is intact and perfect for stripping and sap sucking. Chew sticks stem out from the branches and hold handfuls of beautiful fresh leaves. You really get the best of everything, and since it is all still in one piece it is some of the freshest product that we have to offer! Simply snip with a scissors or clippers if you want any of your chew sticks or leaves separate from your branch bundle!Our branches are available in a variety of sizes. The first number is the quantity you are ordering which is then followed by the length and thickness of the branches. Pick the length and width to suit your needs. Sizes & weights below are just for examples as we can do almost any size! If you do not see what you want contact us.PLEASE NOTE: If you want Eucs for your shower, sauna or steam-room, we suggest you do NOT order branches… order leaves, instead. Branches are heavier, more rigid, and have less aroma than the long strands of leaves we offer.

1# Fresh Eucalyptus Branches (EUCFREESHIP) for free shipping

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