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This amazing trail mix includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, marshmallow bits, dried mango, dried pineapple, dried papaya.  If you don’t eat it before your Suggie wakes up, haha. They’re bound to love it.  This is a full 8oz resealable container. Ingredients...Pumpkin Seeds (no shell) - pepitasUnsalted Sunflower Seeds (no shell)- sunflower, sunflower oilMarshmallow Bits- sugar, corn syrup, mod cornstarch, gelatin, sodium      hexametaphosphate, artificial color & flavor Dried Mango - mango, sugar, Sulphur dioxide, FD&C #5-6Dried Pineapple - pineapple core, cane sugar, citric acid, Sulphur dioxide Dried Papaya - papaya, sugar, citric acid, Sulphur dioxide, FD&C Red #40**Packaging may vary

Tasty Treats Trail Mix

PriceFrom $8.95

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