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The first modular wheel made for sugar gliders!It's a very simple user friendly design. Fully replaceable dual bearing assembly that is universal with all of the raptor mod wheels.

For example you can buy a regular raptor mod wheel and then for travel you can buy just the baby wheel head, take off the bearing assembly & attach it to the baby wheel head and then to your mount and you now have a travel wheel and a full sized wheel for a fraction of the price for both!!!You can also buy extras to have on hand for cleaning day. The best part, you can remove the bearing assembly and full submerge the wheel head in a bleach solution to sanitize it , no worries about damaging the bearings! If you pressure wash your cages, there is no longer a need to remove the wheel first... the bearings are shielded from the water!The size of these wheels are 9.5 diameter, on the mod wheels add 1 inch to the track size and that is the width of your wheel. Example the raptor mod with a stock 5" track would be 6" wide (to fit it in your cage the door or opening must be 12" x 6" all track widths will very by + or - 1/4")

Baby Raptor (Travel Wheel) READY TO SHIP

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