**What the cruiser is and isn'tThe cruiser is a fun wheel with more tension than most other wheels, the gliders must work at getting them to go around, it is not just a running wheel, but an exercise wheel, It does not run free and smooth , it dances, It is intended to be a fun wheel. It is not a small wheel, it is an oversized one compared to others out there. The track is wide enough that more than 1 glider can play on it at a time. The track is 1/4 " pvc coated wire and each wheel is custom made for you.The dance action is produced by offseting the wheel itself, and runs on 2 bearings in a separate bearing housingThe cruiser is not like any other wheel, It was designed to be different, We will not down another wheel to promote the Cruiser, as we feel that each wheel has it purpose and the cruiser can be used in the same cage as another type/style of wheel.**ANY OVERAGE PAID ON SHIPPING AT THE TIME OF ORDER, WILL BE REFUNDED

Custom Cruisers (2 week wait period)

Front Color
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